• <strong><em><strong><em>Blaze ebike $ 1'399.00 Ask us for rugo ebike rain cover</em></strong></em></strong> Blaze ebike $ 1'399.00 Ask us for rugo ebike rain cover - Dimension: 1650x760x1320 - Wheel Size: 16"/3.0" - Net Weight: 75 kg - Maximum Speed: 32 km/h - Travel Range: 60-70 km* - Charging Time: 3 - 8 Hours - Climbing Angle: 20 Degrees - Load Capacity: 180kg - Motor: Continuous 500W Brushless / 48V DC - Battery: 48V/20Ah Lead Acid - Storage: X-Large box with MP3 Player - Charger: Smart Charger AC 100-120V / - ACCESSORIES: Cruise Control, Anti-Theft Alarm, Speedometer, Voltmeter, Folding Pedal Assist, Horn, Side Mirrors, Center and Side Stand, Secure Cargo Storage , Steering Lock, XLarge Rear Cargo Storage with Lock and MP3 PLAYER AND FM RADIO. / - COLORS: BLACK, BLUE, RED, PULPLE, AND YELLOW


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