Purchaser Responsibility

Purchaser understands the nature of riding ebike and acknowledges that he or she is qualified to operate an ebike as purchased from RUGO. Person understands that they must abide by provincial or state laws to ride an ebike (for more information visit ontario ebike law). Purchaser is also responsible to inspect the ebike before using it to make sure that his electric bike is safe to use and in riding order.


A $25.00 service charge will apply for any late payment, including NSF check or declined credit card charge.
A $25.00 processing charge will apply from a paid deposit when the order is cancelled.

Risks Inherent to Operations

Operating an ebike involves risks and dangers that may cause serious bodily injury. These risks and dangers also include but are not limited to paralysis, disability, dismemberment, and death. These inherent risks may be the result of purchaser's own actions or non-actions involving: themselves, others, or specific circumstances of the activity occurring, or the neglect or negligence of themselves and or others. There may be other risks known or unknown to Purchaser. Purchaser assumes all risks and fully assumes and accepts responsibility for events that may not be foreseeable including economic loss, social distress, losses, costs, and damages caused as a result of person's vehicle riding activities.


RUGO Return & Exchange policy

Products bought from RUGO can be returned within 7 Days in new and unused condition only. Customer must pay return shipping plus 25% restocking fee. The cost of the item minus the restocking fee is refunded once the product has been returned and is determined to be in new and unused condition. If the product has been used, ridden, or damaged while in the possession of the customer, the product cannot be exchanged or returned for future credit, unless authorized by RUGO. at a lower value than the purchase price.


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